CAD Advantages for Air Conditioning


Computer-aided design techniques have a great deal to offer in the HVAC / domestic air conditioning market. When creating a quote on a potential job, presenting professional design graphics to your customer will immediately set you head and shoulders above your competition, who have probably presented their competing bid hand-drawn on graph paper. Professional presentation is undoubtedly one of the most important advantages, but there are also many other advantages that CAD-style air conditioning design offers. And if your job is selling ducted air conditioning systems, you will definitely want to consider these further advantages:

* Adaptability

Customers will rarely be 100% satisfied with your initial design. Designing by computer will allow you to easily modify and adapt your initial design to fit exactly to your customers’ wishes, without having to completely redo your hand design. Your customer will almost certainly have constraints in mind that are not apparent from a simple house plan, such as furniture placement and room layout. If you can effortlessly adapt your design to their wishes, you will earn their custom. CAD-style design is the only economical way to do that.

* Speed

A complete ducted system design can be made much more quickly on a CAD-system than by hand. A computer program can quickly and accurately scale a plan diagram, calculate zone loads, and calculate costs – all much faster than could be done by hand. Why spend unnecessary time designing when you have so many other jobs to do?

* Reusability

Computer designs are reusable — that is, when you have to design a ducted system for a house plan that is similar to the one you have already done, you can simply bring up the previous design and modify it to fit the new design exactly. You can have a completely new design done in seconds this way, instead of spending an hour redoing a similar design completely from scratch.

* Accuracy

Hand calculation errors are a thing of the past when using a computer air conditioning design. Heat loads, duct lengths, and flow rates can all be calculated by machine faster and much more accurately than by hand. Your customers know this too, and will instinctively have more confidence in a design created with CAD than one created by hand.

* Parts Ordering

An astonishing 3% of building construction costs in the developed world are wasted due to human error and miscommunication. The administration of sales orders typically consumes around another 3%. This wastage can be reduced or eliminated entirely by using automated ordering systems available in the leading CAD air conditioning design programs.

* Paperless Archiving

Only CAD design systems allow you to archive your previous work on the computer, keeping your records in better order, facilitating backups, and making them instantly searchable.
A full retro-fitted ducted air conditioning system is one of the top five major purchases a person likely to make in their lifetime. Nobody would take a salesman seriously if they presented a hand-drawn sketch of a new car to a potential car buyer, but that is the current situation in the air conditioning industry. Professional quality graphical software for designing air conditioning systems is a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the twenty-first century.